Sunday, August 16, 2009

Genext is Promising: Aditya

When mouth organ maestro Madan Kumar visited the Harmonica Club of Gujarat on last 'Friendship Day' he was thrilled to listen to young Aditya play mouth organ. "It is for the young generation to promote this lovely instrument now," he said.

Aditya plays here a popular number from the film Kashmir Ki Kali. The music is by OP Nayyar.



WEll done Aditya. Keep it up. Practice, Practice & Practice.
GOD bless you. You are operating the chromatic lever. Thats too good.Keep it up.Paresh bhai again hats off to you.

Tapan Bhatt said...

Dear aditya,
Tomorrow is yours !!
Keep cool and enjoy music.
lots of lo9ve..

AMRISH said...

Aditya keep it up. I enjoy it.
Your Friend,

apoorvabhatt said...

Coming events cast their shadow before. A sign tycoon that will soon engulf top players. Too heavy a song for a minor.And that too on 64 model? My God.Aditya,at your I was not handling the chromatic notes so smoothly.Very well played my boy.