Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Manohar Vaidya: Master of Melody

Manohar Vaidya has been playing mouth organ for over 50 years now, without break. In his earlier years, he had learned violin. He also plays keyboard without even looking at the keys. He is known for detailing. Members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat are fortunate to have him as their guru who is ever ready to help everyone. The club is incomplete without him. You name a song, and Vaidyaji would play it to perfection.

Here is a masterpiece from him:


Tapan Bhatt said...

Pranams dadaji,
Our club is incomplete without your presence and guidance.
Friends, he is the man with such a low profile, always ready to share what he has got in music.
sometimes i really wonder that how a person can be so humble. Knowing so much , he is never hungry for popularity.
He is blessed with two very mature sons, who are also very well educated.
Long live DADDU and pl do not mind we are going to take the disadvantage of your simplicity.

AMRISH said...

We are always willing to take guidance on songs which we do not know to play. I sometimes disturb you on telephone, to guide me, but you are always ready to teach.I always appreciate your knowledge of playing any song, any time perfectly.
Your sishya,

AMRISH said...

Your are BACKBONE of HCG.

Piyush said...

This gentleman, in the name of Manohar Vaidya, is the asset to the HCG club, to which I am previlaged to belong.Undoutably the best, he is jewel that we proudly show off!He plays just amazing!Especially this song.He makes it look so easy to play.Here is wishig our beloved Vaidya Saheb many years of happy playing so that we are blessed with meloy and pure melody. Piyush Pandya

apoorvabhatt said...

Playing fast notes in 4th octave is next to impossible.Here Vaidya sab has played trumpet piece on M.organ without error of single note.No strain is seen on his face.Now a days Film industry people use Synthesizer to give effect of M.organ.But without melody! How non sporting ? With no vested interest, mission of this club ( formed by all strangers ) is to enliven this magical instrument spearheaded by stalvarts like Vaidya sab.