Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kankaria Carnival

(L-R) Alex Lobo, Chandramohan Bahadkar, Bakul Avrani, Bansi Gajjar, Manohar Majithia, Manohar Vaidya, Naresh Khandwala, Aditya Chalishazar, Devansh Shah, Pratham and Ayush Solanki, Yogesh Bhatt, Kumar Pal Shah, Sandeep Patankar.

The Harmonica Club of Gujarat was invited by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to perform at the Kankaria Carnival for the second successive year on December 29. The club members played 12 popular old Hindi film numbers. The programme was held on the bank of the Kankaria Lake before an audience of an estimated 2,000 people.

It was a team effort with all the songs being played by more than two members. We are presenting here the video of the opening number performed by all the members together. The star performers were the youngest members - Aditya, Devansh, Pratham and Ayush - all not even in their teens.


reallity in magic said...

Nachiketa Ji you always come with a dream project of Mouth organ wonderful joint venture I loved Karaoke performance with the Harmonica Anthem the father song who made this instrument popular in our country would like to hear more from this project further all small big at the same platform great effort to make this small wonder popular my best wishes regards

Tapan Bhatt said...

Congratulations to all the members.
I watched this clip in Bengaluru and was really very excited to know that the AMC has a plan to call all of you once again for the second round. The experiment of playing with Karoke tracks is a success.
Wish you all a grand success on 31st.

dhyana said...

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